Use Your Home Bar Furniture to Create a Family-Friendly Space

Use Your Home Bar Furniture to Create a Family-Friendly Space

Having a home bar is about building community. Some people want to create a fun space to hang out as a family without necessarily involving alcohol. A home bar can be a great way to bring people together because it offers a fun twist to the normal living room scenario. For example, a basement can be a wonderful for creating an entertainment space. Purchasing a full bar that's family-friendly, complete with countertop and barstools, would offer a place to sit and talk or to have a snack. Adding in fun elements like a mini-fridge, dartboard, television, or board games, increase the entertainment value. For larger spaces, a pool or ping pong table could create a full entertainment experience where everyone wants to hang out. 

For a backyard, our tiki bars can cement the playful mood. Bring over the neighborhood kids, put out some snacks, and make some ice cream sundaes. Let the fun begin! This could also be a great addition to a backyard pool, as it adds to the tropical feel. For a nighttime gathering, bring out the grill, string some lights, and play some reggae. You will have created the full tropical backyard experience.

For teenagers who need a hang-out space, having a countertop bar with barstools could be the perfect way to create a bonus room area that’s all their own.  Add a mini fridge with sodas, maybe a popcorn maker, a gaming system, and you might not see your teens for days! But in all seriousness, knowing where the kids are, and knowing they’re having fun, is a victory for any parent. 

Many homes have seldom-used rooms near the front door. Turning that den or dining room into an entertainment space could transform your home and the manner in which you entertain guests. For example, if a neighbor stops over or a few more guests, you have an inviting entertainment space ready without worrying if the whole house is clean.  Even if the kids make a mess in the kitchen or upstairs -- your space is ready and waiting. A more ornate bar cabinet with wooden pub tables and stools could offer a luxurious and functional entertainment space.

Making a comfortable, welcoming space that fits the whole family’s needs is a very attainable goal. Get creative. Enjoy the process! It’s time for some fun. 

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