Fall Decor on Lazy Susan

Fall Decor and More

Sono Inspired offers several charcuterie boards that are useful for highlighting seasonal decor, or for hosting a holiday party. 

Fall Decor on a Board     Fall decor board     Fall Decor on the Wine Barrel Lazy Susan Board

Fall Decor on a Board - Simple Seasonal Decorating Idea

Bourbon Head Charcuterie Board    Charcuterie Board Design   Bourbon Board + Fall Decor

Colorful & Healthy - Our Favorite Board Design

The smallest board, the Bourbon Head Charcuterie Board, is a nice, simple option for smaller spaces, but it still packs a punch for charcuterie and fall decor design. It's made from reclaimed whiskey barrels and utilizes authentic handles. 

Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan     Charcuterie on the Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan     Charcuterie & Decor on the Lazy Susans

Start with a Lazy Susan - like the Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

This board is made from authentic reclaimed bourbon barrels then repurposed by hand into this lovely board with a high quality turning mechanism underneath to make it easy to snag the snack you're wanting. 

The charcuterie design you use can become part of your holiday decor - just use colorful fruits and veggies that match the season along with small bowls or other decor pieces interspersed throughout. 

Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan     Charcuterie Started on the Wine Barrel Board     Charcuterie Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

The Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan is the biggest of the boards.

There's plenty of room for serving a meal, creating a fun holiday decor area in your dining room, or for serving up some yummy, colorful charcuterie for parties. It's an all-in-one type of board. 

Both Lazy Susans with Charcuterie    Charcuterie Trio Board & Lazy Susans    

The Party Host Charcuterie Board Trio boasts all three boards to give you all the options you need to decorate and host 

Plus we have a nice discount when purchasing all three boards. One for you, two for gift giving. So many options. 

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