LMTD Handmade Furniture and Decor

LMTD Handmade Furniture and Decor

Who is LMT Design?

LMT Design creates solid wood furniture by using artisans in Mexico to hand carve sturdy solid wood furniture that never requires assembly. They source hardy woods like Chilean pine or mesquite wood. They also source natural copper for their solid copper pub table and copper kitchen island. These items are made from solid copper, and not a copper overlay. 

Commitment to Craftsmanship

The designers use old time tools and a long history of craftsmanship to hand tool leather accents, hand carve the longhorns and other decorative ornaments on the bars. Plus metal workers forge metal by hand to create ornate liquor cabinet doors. They also used reclaimed horseshoes to craft intricate horse and rider statues that double as wine bottle holders. 

One of a Kind Pieces 

Since these pieces are all crafted by hand, and sometimes with reclaimed items, as with the Ford Tailgate Bar, every item is uniquely yours. Even with the copper top furniture, every piece of natural copper has it's own coloration and charm. The same is true with wood pieces, every pieces hold the uniqueness of the wood itself. 

Aria Poker & Casino Game Table 

The Aria Poker & Casino Table stands out as a premier handcrafted furniture piece. Not only is it a solid wood piece with the standard black felt surface that makes a game of Texas Hold 'Em easy, but the top removes for a nighttime game of chess or backgammon with family. And on game night, you can pull out the roulette wheel. Also, this six sided table has a custom game drawer plus a custom drink drawer, so that everyone is incredibly comfortable. 

Commitment to Quality

LMTD makes a commitment that not only will their furniture be incredibly solid and of the highest quality standards, but they also take extra care in crating the furniture for shipment. Even the crates are made by hand to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. 

And Home Bars and More also goes the extra mile to ship these custom furniture and decor pieces directly to your doorstep - for no extra charge - in the continental USA. 

How Do I See All the LMTD Items?

Simple - just type LMTD into the search bar at the top of the store. They are also in the "Custom & Handcrafted" section, and several are listed below with links to the item.

Also, as a thank you for taking the time to read this article, take 10% off your purchase by using code LMTD at checkout. 

Check Out Some of Their Handmade, Solid Wood Furniture Here: 

 Ford Tailgate Bar The Original Ford Tailgate Bar is crafted around a real reclaimed Ford Truck Tailgate. Tailgates from other truck companies can also be sourced. A handcarved longhorn sits above the tailgate on this bar. The back of bar is big enough to hold a truck-full of liquor and glassware. 

For information on which tailgates are currently in stock, just shoot us an email at info@homebarsandmore.com and we will check into it.

Tequila Barrel Drink Table The Custom Tequila Barrel Drink Table is crafted from a reclaimed Tequila Barrel - can you say South-of-the-Border-Baby. This sturdy, rustic side table is a great addition to your rustic mancave, home bar, living room or even a restaurant, pub or event space. 

Custom metal work is added to the edges of this drink table, increasing it's charm and handcrafted design. 

Aria Custom Poker, Game & Casino Table  The Aria Custom Poker, Game & Casino Table is a solid wood poker table that requires no assembly. It has six custom drawers for game pieces and six custom drink drawers for comfort during play. 

The felt poker top can be flipped over for a game of backgammon, or removed for checkers with the kids, chess with grandpa, and then the chessboard can be removed to reveal the roulette wheel. 

Enjoy time with family, a night of Texas Hold Em' with the guys or casino night with the ladies. It's a one-size-for-all kind of custom table. 

Copper Top Kitchen Island The Natural Copper Kitchen Island is made with a solid piece of natural copper which sits on top of a solid wood base with room to hold pots, pans, plates or plants underneath. 

Handcarved Cowboy Western Bar The Cowboy Western Bar has a carved-by-hand longhorn cow with an intricate feather hanging from the horn. The face of the bar and front edges also have custom handcarved, intricate designs. Plus there's an overhang so just add barstools and you're ready for a party.

The back of the bar is all business with an incredible amount of shelf space, cabinets and drawers for liquors, accoutrements, glassware and more. 

Tall Wine Bar Armoire The Tall Wine Bar Armoire is truly a masterpiece of art, from the hand tooled intricate carvings on the leather of the base drawer to the metal front which was also handmade by metallurgists. 

The bar does stand tall, with a small footprint, so it's perfect for a dining room since it adds so much elegance while simultaneously offering a solid wood wine rack, a shelf for your bourbon, tequila or other liquor. 

In addition, it has a solid wood hanging stemware rack above with a beautiful mirror backdrop behind.

Horseshoe Sculpture Bottle Holder Steer and Rider There are three versions of this Horseshoe Sculpture Bottle Holder. This one is the single rider and single bottle with shot glasses .

There is a double bottle with steer & horse with shot glasses and a single rider with no shot glass. 

Each sculpture is made from reclaimed horseshoes and the bottle (not included) becomes the body of the horse or steer. 

From any angle, the rider, bottle and animal appear as an authenticate representation of what a real cow handler might look like.  

Copper Top Handcrafted Pub Table This Copper Top Handcrafted Pub Table is one of a kind, with its natural solid copper table top and its handcarved solid wood base. Truly a rustic furniture gem that will stand the test of time. 

Blacksmith and Copper Wine Bar CabinetThe Blacksmith & Copper Wine Cabinet is made from artisan woodworkers and metallurgists with custom copper framed drawers. 

There's a solid wood wine storage and other cabinet space for liquors and glassware. And the drawers can hold plenty of accoutrements. 

Corona Beer Home Bar The Corona Beer Bar is handcrafted around a real reclaimed corona beer sign with storage space in the back. 



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