Things to consider when deciding on a home bar.

Things to consider when deciding on a home bar.

Things to consider when deciding which home bar is right for you can be boiled down to  a handful of items:

1 - Which room in your home is best suited for a home bar? 

2 - What space limitations do you have in that room? (Measure once, measure twice, measure thrice.) 

3 - What furniture do you currently have in that room? What would look best with your current furniture style? Wood? Metal? Ornate? Simple?  

4 - How do you plan on using your home bar? Is it a storage area for liquor? Do you only drink wine and need a wine storage area? Do you want a place where people can sit and enjoy a  drink? Do you want more of a full-bar feel, where there’s space to make drinks and space for people to sit and enjoy? 

Which room in your home is best suited for a home bar?  

The most common areas are a dining room, large kitchen eating area, living room, basement, covered patio, or garage. But for you, it might be a den, bonus room, butler’s pantry or even a  spare bedroom. Some people choose to have multiple bar areas in their home. Some want locked spaces because of children in the home. There’s no right or wrong. This is about creating what best suits your needs. Have fun with it! 

What are your space limitations?  

Nothing will frustrate you more than falling in love with a piece, ordering it, and realizing it doesn’t fit your space. When you’ve determined which room in your house is right for a home bar, make sure you measure once. Measure twice. Measure thrice. Are you comfortable with  the depth of the piece? Would it stick out too far in the room? Would the piece go past an entryway space? Would it go past the trim molding near a door? If it’s hard to get a vision for the size of a piece, try putting masking tape or another marker in the corners of where the edges of the piece would be. Return shipping is pricey and unnecessary. Simply take your measurements. Visualize it. Order it. Enjoy your home bar for years to come. 

What furniture do you currently have in the room? Is it all dark wood, light wood, black metal, silver metal, colorful?  

Whatever you buy for a home bar, make sure it blends with your current palette choices and furniture choices. An ornate mahogany home bar might not blend well in a room with light oak furniture, for example. Know your decorating style and your color palette. And remember,  matching furniture might not be your best bet. A wrought-iron home bar could blend with a variety of wood furniture. Be creative! It’s your space.   

How do you plan on using your home bar?  

This is a matter of examining your needs. Are you a wine-only drinker? A wine bar could be just what works best for you. Do you mostly want a place that can be locked up to store hard liquor? A liquor cabinet could be your best choice.  Are you learning the art of mixology in your spare time and looking forward to hosting friends?  A larger, full bar might be just the thing for you--something with a refrigerator, storage space for hard liquor and accoutrements, plus a bar area with bar stools for your guests. Then there are bars that mix all these things in different combinations.  

We hope you enjoy every second of the process of choosing the perfect home bar for you and your family. Cheers!

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