Furniture of America Warranty Information and Return Policy


Items come with a 30-day limited replacement parts warranty to the original purchaser of new products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of receipt. This warranty is not transferrable. If a Product covered by this warranty is determined to be defective or missing an essential item within the warranty period, the manufacturer will, unless otherwise required by applicable law, either replace the Product or send the missing part at its sole option and discretion.


This limited warranty provides coverage to the original retail purchase and does not apply to rented, business, commercial, institutional, or other non-residential uses. This limited warranty does not apply to (i) merchandise that was, at any time, used as a floor sample or display model, (ii) any merchandise purchased “as is” or second-hand, (iii) any merchandise purchased at a distress sale or a going-out-of- business sale, or (iv) any merchandise purchased from a liquidator. All warranties, whether express or implied, cover only normal household usage. No warranty, express or implied, applies to any condition resulting from misuse, abuse, delivery or transportation damage, nor any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care. This warranty does not cover, for example: abuse, accident, protective coatings, cosmetic damage (e.g. scratches, dents, cracks), damage caused by use with other products (e.g. accessories, housing), damages from shipping, improper assembly or operation, lack of reasonable use, misuse, modifications or alterations, normal wear and tear or aging.


This limited warranty does not cover shipping charges incurred by any means. Customer must arrange for shipping under all circumstances.

Chemical Treatments

This limited warranty does not cover damages caused by use of chemical treatments or protective coatings on the finish, leather, or upholstered fabric. Any such chemical treatments or protective coatings voids all warranty.

Upholstered Fabric and Finishes

This limited warranty does not cover (i) damages resulting from excessive soiling, improper or unapproved cleaning methods, (ii) fading or other damages resulting from exposure to sunlight, (iii) damages resulting from household humidity, or (iv) damages resulting from any liquid, including but not limited to alcohol and water. Any use of improper or unapproved cleaning methods voids all warranties.

Claim Procedure

If a problem should arise which you feel is covered by our limited warranty, contact the authorized retailer from whom you purchased your furniture. Please make sure any claim for warranty service is accompanied by the necessary information to satisfy the warranty requirements. If necessary, the retailer will contact manufacturer to establish service. Manufacturer reserves the right to require defective parts be returned upon request or proper proof (e.g. images, video) be provided for claim. Manufacturer is not responsible for scheduling or the cost of transporting your furniture or its replacement parts from your home to the retailer or from the retailer to your home. You must make those arrangements with the retailer.

 - Note: Email contact@homebarsandmore with photos of damages or parts needing to be replaced. As always, you can call or text 404-777-2346 with questions. 


No other express warranty has been made or will be made on behalf of manufacturer with respect to the furniture and its parts, or the operation, repair, or replacement of the furniture and its parts. Furthermore, no representative of manufacturer or its distributors or retailers is authorized to make any changes or modifications to these limited warranties. Some retailers offer extended or additional warranties either from the retailer or through a third-party. Manufacturer shall not be liable under any extended or additional warranties offered by any retailer or through a third-party. In no event shall manufacturer be responsible for consequential or incidental damages, such as loss of use, inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property, whether indirect or direct, and whether arising in contract or tort. In no event shall manufacturer’s responsibility exceed the purchase price of the product or its replacement.

Legal Rights

This warranty gives the owner specific legal rights and you may have other rights, which may vary from state to state.