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Party Host Charcuterie Board Trio

Party Host Charcuterie Board Trio

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The Party Host Charcuterie Board Trio is for those of you who want to own them all!  You save $$ when buying the Party Host Charcuterie Board Trio together versus individual boards & lazy susans. 

The Party Host Charcuterie Board Trip is professionally customized in the Ozarks of Arkansas from a family-owned business, Sono-Inspired.

In addition, all the original manufacturer stamps vary, so no two boards or lazy susans are alike. Moreover, it makes a unique and thoughtful gift for a wedding shower or holiday. 

The set includes one bourbon barrel charcuterie board, one bourbon-barrel lazy susan, and one wine-barrel top lazy susan. Each one has a high-quality rotating mechanism underneath, which is fabulous for serving meals at the dinner table. 

100% sourced and made in the USA.

Free Standard Shipping in the Continental USA.

Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan Dimensions: 

  • 21" Diameter
  • 1.5" Height
  • 14 lb Weight

Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan Details:

  • Finished purposefully, with a Food-Safe Linseed Oil Finish.
  • Made from Reclaimed Bourbon Barrels from Kentucky.
  • Traditional distressing techniques applied at length.
  • Each bourbon barrel revolving tray is crafted with its own unique design.

Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan Dimensions: 

  • Diameter 23-24" 
  • Height 2.5" 
  • Weight 27 lb 

Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan Details:

  • Sono-Inspired is a Family-Owned and Operated Business out of the Ozarks in Arkansas.
  • A Food-Safe Linseed Oil Finish Completes this Lazy Susan.
  • Sourced from Reclaimed California Wine Barrels.
  • The Distressing and Imperfections are Common and to be Expected.
  • In essence, this Lazy Susan is a unique centerpiece for your table or counter space.

Bourbon Head Charcuterie Board Dimensions: 

  • 21" Length 
  • 8" Width 
  • 30 lb Weight

Bourbon Barrel Charcuterie Board Details:

  • Each Cheese Board is exclusively oiled with a food-safe finish.
  • Each perfect "imperfection" gives this bourbon board a unique identity.

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