LMTD Information

Why we work with LMTD 

LMT Design custom makes all of their bar and game room furniture by hand in Mexico. They use skilled artisans, who use old timey tools to create handcrafted sculptures with wood, intricate leatherwork and fabulous metalwork. 

Their copper furniture has solid copper tops, not just a copper veneer. LMTD's furniture is all solid wood and requires no assembly 

They also offer smaller custom made sculptures from horseshoes, unique shot glasses and more. 

LMTD does not offer returns on their products due to their custom nature and high shipping costs. 

Shipping for their bars, furniture and decor is included in pricing in the continental USA. 

Some simple customization is possible with their items, please email with what you you're looking for. The Ford Bar can be changed to other truck vendor tailgates. 

Original Ford Tailgate Bar

Original Ford Tailgate BarAria Poker Table with Custom Drawers, Chessboard & Casino Games

The ARIA Poker & Casino TableCopper Top Kitchen Island

The Copper Top Kitchen Island  

Tequila Barrel Drink Table

Tequila Barrel Drink Table