Shipping Policies and Information

Welcome to the weird wild world of shipping furniture. 

Most people are aware of the recently difficulties in the supply chain and that shipping costs have skyrocketed. Hopefully this will even out in 2022, but we also deal with these issues.

We automatically give you a 40% discount on shipping at checkout. This is a backend algorithm, so it isn’t visible at checkout. In other words, you won’t see the regular shipping cost and the 40% discount, it will only show the discounted rate. 

If you have questions on shipping or if they don't seem right when you checkout, please text us at 404-777-2346. 

Our shipping is being quoted at a 40% discount at checkout. You won’t see that discount broken out at checkout, it is something that we have put into the backend of the store algorithms.  

Because RAM Game Room shipments come from Canada, they cost more than other shipments. So, the real discount you are receiving for RAM Game Room furniture is closer to a 80% shipping discount. 

Shipping for the furniture items will be quoted at checkout with several different options. Shipping is quoted through Freight Club, which is a broker to connect with the best shipping rates of many carriers. 

Shipping Policies and Information

The options for shipping furniture will include curbside pickup, threshold, room or choice and white glove service.

Curbside pickup: Furniture will arrive on the back of a truck, and it will be dropped off at your curb. You are responsible for being there to get it and that you will have the people you need there to move it into your home.

Threshold: Furniture will be taken to the doorstep or outside a garage of your home. You are responsible for getting it inside.

Room of Choice: One or two movers will be there to take the furniture into whatever room you choose, up to two flights of stairs.

White Glove Service: Furniture is brought inside by one or two movers who move it to your room of choice then assemble it. 

Not all furniture items require assembly. Please double check to see if your furniture item needs assembly before ordering white glove service. 

With the algorithms of how shipping is quoted on the store, we recommend that if you want to buy a furniture piece and also a decorative piece, that you buy them separately. If they are bought together, you will not be quoted shipping options for the heavier furniture item and will only have the curbside option. 

RAM Game Room ships products from Canada. For this reason their shipping is less under our control. Typically it will take a week from date it is shipped to arrive at your home. 

Processing times are not included in the quoted shipping times. Processing is between Home Bars and More and the supplier and their warehouse. Processing times can take between 1-4 days. We strive to keep it close to two days, but it will be affected by how busy the warehouses are. As it gets closer to end of year holiday season, there are more delays in the warehouses and with shipping. 

If you ever have questions, text us! 404-777-2346. Or call or email