Original Tailgate Bar

Original Tailgate Bar

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The Original Tailgate Bar features an entirely solid wood construction and a genuine reclaimed truck tailgate. Please email or text for production lead time on this bar and your choice of the truck tailgate you would want sourced. info@homebarsandmore.com or 404-777-2346

This stand-alone truck bar is a classic reminder of iconic American elements, and, in particular, is a focal point for your entertainment room and events.

We offer FREE CURBSIDE SHIPPING for this home bar. 

The Authentic Tailgate Bar Details:

The Original Tailgate Home Bar is made from reclaimed wood and quality hand-forged steelwork. It also spotlights a hand-carved Chilean-pine bull horn carving. Our hardworking team finds and re-imagines original truck tailgates from around Mexico, and then incorporates them into functional freestanding bars. 

Made for indoor/outdoor use. If used outside, place it under an exterior awning for better protection. This bar is constructed to last for generations as an heirloom piece of quality furniture. 

Product Details:

  • Made and sourced in Mexico.
  • Hand manufactured from original truck tailgates
  • Made from a mixture of oak, rosewood, teak, mahogany, and Chilean pine, which is a denser wood and more resilient to wear and tear.
  • The Original Tailgate Home Bar replicates 90% to photos with variations due to customizations and being hand crafted with old time tools.
  • Since the wood is repurposed, it has differences due to its own unique intricate beauty, thus creating an eclectic and unique home bar.
  • This Tailgate Bar handles well outdoors. For best results, keep under an awning out of direct sunlight and elements.
  • Tailgates of any truck brand can be used as long as they can be sourced.
  • Please email info@homebarsandmore.com to request desired changes and to get detailed pricing. 
  • The Tailgate Bar console features two shelves and one drawer. 
  • All Home Bars are constructed of the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Tailgate Home Bar Shipping Details: 

Product Dimensions - Slight variations indicated are due to being hand-made.

Overall Dimensions:

  • Length 76-78.5"
  • Height 42-42.5"
  • Depth 23-24"
  • Weight 53.7 lbs.

 Bottom Shelf Dimensions:

  • Length 59"-61"
  • Height to next shelf 14"-15"
  • Depth 15"-16"

Top Shelf Dimensions:

  • Length 59"-61"
  • Height 15"-16"
  • Height under drawer 9"-11"
  • Depth 13"-14"

Drawer Dimensions: 

  • Interior Drawer Width 11 3/4"
  • Interior Drawer Depth 5"
  • Interior Drawer Length 8 3/4"
  • Exterior Drawer Casing Width to Handle 17"
  • Exterior Drawer Casing Depth 7"
  • Exterior Drawer Casing Length 25"

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